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woman cleaning the inside of a shower cabin
February 7, 2023

The Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower doors are an excellent addition to any bathroom. New shower doors will revitalize any area that feels lackluster or out-of-date in your bathroom and make it feel more elegant. You’ll love the sense of beauty that clear, frosted, tinted, or textured doors add to your bathroom. Shower doors, like any other fixture in your home, […]

5 common misconceptions about frameless glass shower doors min 2048x1365
February 7, 2023

5 Common Misconceptions About Frameless Glass Shower Doors

A frameless enclosure is a trendy type of shower door in today’s homes. They not only improve the aesthetics of your bathroom; they are elegant and will also increase the value of your home. Consider installing a frameless shower door if you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom. You’ve probably heard at least one of the […]

a buyers guide to beautiful shower enclosures on a budget 2048x2048
November 30, 2022

A Buyer’s Guide to Beautiful Shower Enclosures On a Budget

A basic shower remodel can be a stressful and costly process, especially if you decide to handle the job yourself. But when you work with professionals with extensive experience handling complex shower remodeling jobs, you’ll find that with expertise and proper planning, you’ll end up with a beautiful and affordable shower enclosure.  At Wise Glass, we […]

6 tips to make your shower safe accessible for seniors 1
November 30, 2022

6 Tips to Make Your Shower Safe & Accessible For Seniors

A bathroom can be a dangerous place for the elderly, especially for those with balance issues and limited mobility. Bathrooms feature slippery, wet, and hard surfaces, cramped spaces, and plenty of sharp edges and corners, setting the perfect stage for a fall or serious accident. Fortunately, there are many ways you can address these hazards […]

img 20210222 120047 scaled 1 1536x2048 (1)
October 21, 2022

5 Reasons Why You Should Remodel Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the main rooms potential buyers will pay attention to, when a home is on the market. It’s also a room that’s used several times a day by family members and guests. Even if you don’t plan on selling your house, bathroom remodeling is still an effective way to add functionality […]

img 20201002 100625 scaled 1 2048x2048
October 21, 2022

Why It’s Worth Hiring a Professional to Install Your Shower Glass

Updating your bathroom by installing a frameless glass shower door and enclosure is a major bathroom remodeling job and it’s a great way to add functionality and value to your home, but even better, you’ll finally have that modern, elegant bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. However, there’s one big decision you have to make. Should […]

img 20210428 151229 scaled 1 2048x2048
September 20, 2022

6 Things To Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom Shower

If you’re searching for a way to refresh your bathroom by making it more functional, comfortable, and appealing, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for a complete overhaul. The average bathroom renovation project costs around $10,000, with higher-end bathroom remodeling projects running up to $30,000.  But your bathroom project doesn’t have to break the bank. […]

img 20201015 130745 2048x2048
September 20, 2022

4 Advantages of Tempered Glass for Your Glass Shower Door

Some homeowners are hesitant to purchase frameless shower glass doors because they’re worried that the lack of a frame makes the doors very fragile and prone to cracks and chips. However, these doors are made out of thick, durable tempered glass, which is much stronger than standard or annealed glass. Tempered glass is a common safety glass […]

img 20210211 130137 01 1536x2048
September 9, 2022

Benefits of Neo-Angled Shower Enclosures

There is a reason for trends in interior design. They are meant to grab the market’s attention, but they also offer extra functionality to the users and come with benefits. Neo-angle showers are meant to maximize functionality while increasing the usable space in your bathroom. It is the perfect addition to that minimalist yet elegant […]

shower 19 wise glass llc scaled 1 1536x2048
September 2, 2022

Custom Shower Enclosures On A Low Budget

You have probably seen a luxury shower while scrolling through Pinterest or watching TV, and at that moment in time, you paused and wished you could get that type of shower enclosure. Getting the shower enclosure of our dreams would be easy if you had access to unlimited funds, but that is not always the […]

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