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Custom Shower Enclosures On A Low Budget

September 2, 2022

By Kevin Wisecarver

You have probably seen a luxury shower while scrolling through Pinterest or watching TV, and at that moment in time, you paused and wished you could get that type of shower enclosure.

Getting the shower enclosure of our dreams would be easy if you had access to unlimited funds, but that is not always the case. And while we might eventually need to remodel our bathroom, we would still be bound by a very strict budget. Those beautiful shower enclosures aren’t going to be a part of the deal, right? Well, not necessarily.

In this article, we will leak a little secret to you. We will show you how to get beautiful shower enclosures even though you are working with a budget. You don’t need to break into your kids’ college fund just because you want to change your shower enclosure. At the end of this article, you will see how you can get a durable, elegant, and easily maintained shower enclosure without breaking the bank.

Which Do You Have? Shower Tubs or Walk-in Showers

In most cases, your shower is either a tub or a walk-in shower. Now, it doesn’t matter which one you have because both can be remodeled even if you are on a strict budget.

With a tub, it is easier because all you have to do is refinish your old tub or install a new one, and you are good to go.

For a walk-in or shower stall, there are more factors to consider. What type of shower doors should you get? What about the flooring and walls? These are all things you should consider before upgrading your shower enclosures. Fortunately, the ideas in this article will not only show you how to carry out your basic shower remodel but will also show you how to save some money in the process.

Tip 1: If It is Cheap, Avoid It

We are trying to work on a budget, but that does not mean that you should grab the cheapest items you can find.

Let’s put it this way; those items are cheap for a reason. They are probably of the lowest quality and will start failing relatively quickly. The idea is that at the end of remodeling your shower, you will have a beautiful enclosure capable of standing the test of time.

How do you do this? The trick is to find a balance between the cost of shower doors and longevity. Look for mid-range items that offer good value for money and are built to last.

Another option would be to get a discount on the items. You can find many discounts on shower doors from different companies. These discounts are a good way to get some of the best deals on shower doors.

Your shower base, panel, and glass shower doors are all important parts of your shower enclosure, so when trying to remodel your enclosure, ensure that you get the best materials possible. We will discuss these parts soon, but first, let’s answer an important question.

Tip 2: DIY or Not? It's Time to Choose

Apart from getting the necessary materials, another aspect of remodeling that might cost you a bit of money is the installation of your shower enclosure. It is getting expensive to hire construction workers because, let’s face it, construction workers are scarce, and the few remaining are increasing the price of their services.

Now, are there ways you can save money on installation costs for your new shower enclosure? Let’s tell you two ways you can do just that.

The first is to buy the materials yourself. You might not know this but depending on contractors to buy your materials for you is a bit naive. These contractors tend to mark up the price of these materials. Unless you buy from a contractor that distributes the material, it is better to seek out the materials and buy them yourself instead of allowing the contractor to purchase them.

The second advice is, if you can, do it yourself. However, the key phrase here is ‘if you can.’ DIY might sound tempting, but it could also spell doom. If you don’t do a good job, you could spend more money sooner than you would like.

Our advice? If you do not have the skills for a DIY, get a trusted contractor to help install the shower enclosure.

Tip 3: Choose the Right Shower Base

You can start saving on costs from the shower base you use. Remember, the trick is not to get the cheapest but the most cost-effective. Look for standard-sized shower bases that are easy to install, stylish, and require minimum maintenance.

Shower bases come in different shapes and designs, so whichever you choose is up to how creative you are and what you want your shower to look like at the end of the day. Options to choose from include a stone solid surface pan, acrylic base, and the ready-for-tile pan. These are all cost-effective options and are easy to install and maintain.

Tip 4: Get Walls That Are Stylish Yet Easy to Maintain

If your shower walls are ugly, the upgrade would be for naught. The shower base is important, but the walls are just as important, if not more. When you shower, the only place you can look at is the walls. Choose aesthetically pleasing walls.

However, while looks are important, you should consider how effective the wall is. Does it offer protection against water problems? Will it be easy to maintain? You want a wall that will save you money, not just at the moment but in the long run. Do not invest in a wall that will cost you a fortune in maintenance.

Tip 5: The Enclosure

This is probably the most important aspect of your shower upgrade. Your shower enclosure lets you add that personal touch to your shower. Before we continue, we must mention the difference between a standard shower door and a custom one. A custom shower door is made according to your taste and would cost a bit more. But in the end, it is usually worth the extra cash you will spend because the style of shower door you get makes all the difference.

However, whether you go with standard or custom shower doors, you still have to decide on the shower door style to get. Let’s look at the types of shower doors you can choose from.

  • Framed shower doors
  • Frameless shower doors
  • Trackless shower doors
  • Pivot shower doors
  • Sliding shower doors
  • Bi-fold shower doors
  • Hinged shower doors
  • Neo angle doors
  • Steam door
  • Curved shower doors

The good thing about custom shower doors is that it allows you to combine features from different types of shower doors so that, in the end, your shower enclosure is truly yours.

Final Words

Who says you can’t get your dream shower because you are on a budget? Enough money can easily get you the most luxurious bathroom, but what if you are on a budget?

A tight budget does not mean you cannot get the shower of your dreams. You can get your dream shower enclosure with proper management and the right choices. All you need to do is pay attention to some of the tips we have mentioned here on how you can save money while upgrading your shower.

However, don’t ever go for products because they are cheap. If a product is too cheap to be true, then it probably is. Focus on reaching a balance between affordability and quality, and you will soon be enjoying the shower of your dreams.

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