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Is It Worth It To Install My New Shower Myself?

August 28, 2022

By Kevin Wisecarver

When carrying out a bathroom remodeling job, we always look for ways to save money. We don’t mind getting our hands dirty to save an extra dollar, and the same goes when we want to install a new shower glass.

Picture this. Your shower enclosure has gotten old, or maybe there is a style on Pinterest that you want to install. So you get new shower glass, and now comes the big question; who will install it?

You have probably done a bit of DIY remodeling yourself, and you are hoping you can save on bathroom remodeling costs by installing the shower glass yourself. However, even experienced DIYers have fumbled with a shower glass installation. There are many ways things can go wrong, and the pressure might become overwhelming.

So you start asking yourself if the money you will save is worth the risk you are taking by not hiring a professional. This article will answer that question.

When To DIY Your Shower Glass Installation

Deciding whether to DIY your shower glass installation or hire a professional can be a tough decision. Here are some factors to consider when determining whether a DIY approach is right for you:

You Want to Save on Costs

We will be last on the list of people who will downplay the satisfaction of completing a bathroom remodeling job yourself. But if we are honest, people do DIY because they hope to save on costs.

And we understand this because it is becoming more expensive to get a general contractor to install shower glass. This is why most people willingly sacrifice time and convenience and install the shower glass themselves. This way, they can save up the money they would have spent on labor.

However, paying labor costs would be better for some people than getting their hands dirty. The bottom line is that if you are on a budget, you can save quite a bit of money by installing the shower glass yourself.

Do You Have Enough Expertise?

Bathroom shower glass installation is an intensive project, so before you attempt to install your shower glasses, ensure you have the right level of expertise and experience to handle such a project. It can get complicated, especially if you encounter a problem you didn’t anticipate.

If you are not confident that you can handle any situation that might come up, maybe it would be a good idea to leave it for the professionals. You do not want to end up with plumbing installation mistakes that will cost a fortune to fix.

When To Hire A Professional Shower Installer To Install Your Shower Glass

There are several circumstances in which it may be a good idea to hire a professional shower installer to install your shower glass. Here are a few situations in which it may be best to hire a professional:

You Want to Save Time

DIY takes time, and shower glass installation is not a one-day project. You do not have enough expertise to carry it out as quickly as a professional shower installer. And, let’s face it, even if you could, you are not a full-time contractor. You have other things that take up your time, like a job you need to get to or kids to take care of. You might not be able to bear the time pressure.

If you do not have enough spare time to handle the project, it might be better to get a professional to do it. While paying a contractor costs a bit more money, it would save you a ton of time.

You Only Have One Bathroom

A DIY project is a bad idea if that shower is your only option. As we already mentioned, installing a shower glass takes a lot of time. If you decide to handle the project yourself when you have one bathroom, you might have to spend days or even weeks without taking a shower or making alternative plans that are less than appealing.

But if you hire an expert to do the installation, they will finish it in the quickest time possible. The bathroom is an essential room, and you cannot afford to have it out of commission for a long time.

You Want to Do More Than a Shower Glass Installation

If you want to install your shower glass by yourself and have the time and expertise to do that, then, by all means, go ahead. However, ensure that you are just installing the shower glass.

The bathroom is one of the trickiest places to remodel, and if you are not careful, you might end up causing more harm than good. Why not get professional contractors involved? They have the expertise to handle fixing the plumbing, installing vapor barriers, and fixing tiles.

Why It’s Worth It To Hire A Professional To Install Your Frameless Shower

They Have the Necessary Knowledge and Techniques

If you are installing a new shower enclosure, there are different things you have to consider. How do you get it to fit into a precise place? And how do you fix it without causing damage to other parts of your bathroom? You could go ahead and try and probably succeed after many trials, but is the risk worth it? Why not hire a professional who knows all the tricks to help you? He has received adequate training and will not risk ruining your shower while figuring out how best to install it. They will be in and out of your bathroom in the time it takes you to turn off a faucet.

They Know How to Source the Right Products

The bane of every DIY enthusiast is finding the right product at the right price to use for the project. Contractors do not have this problem because they know the products and prices. They can advise you on what shower enclosures to get.

They also come in handy when you are trying to install a custom glass shower enclosure. Getting the measurement wrong with a custom glass shower means you have wasted money. A professional knows how to take the correct measurement because they have done it many times. On the other hand, you are doing it for the first time with nothing but a Youtube video as a guide. Do you see how things could go wrong?

Furthermore, because they have experience dealing with different shower enclosures, they know how to quickly install each one.

They Can Fix Any Pop-up Installation Problem

A professional contractor can fix any problem that might pop up during the installation process. They will know what to do, and most of the time, they will offer this service at no additional cost.

They Know All the Safety Protocols

Glass and metals are quite dangerous and can easily cause serious injury if they are not used correctly. You do not want to injure yourself or damage the enclosure before you can even use it. Get a trained installer to handle your shower glass installation so you don’t hurt yourself and end up spending on hospital bills or a shower glass replacement.

What’s Our Verdict? Is DIY Worth It, Or Should You Hire A Professional?

Let’s recap! DIY is great, but some projects, like fixing a  new shower head, or a faucet, are good DIY projects while others are not. Your DIY shower installation project might save you some money, but it will take more time. If you make an error due to a lack of experience, it could cost you significantly more.

We recommend hiring a professional to do the heavy lifting for you. It will save you time and might eventually be more cost-effective than DIY. You will have a beautiful new shower and have saved yourself a lot of stress. Get an experienced contractor, and do not risk the issues that might arise from doing the installation yourself. Some projects are excellent for DIY. Unfortunately, installing your shower glass is not one of them. To obtain a free no-obligation quotation call Wise Glass today on (682) 219-4085.

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