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Luxurious Bathrooms: Are Gold Tones the New Trend for Frameless Shower Doors?

March 29, 2024

By Kevin Wisecarver

Gold tones were commonly used in bathroom design styles in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but the trend has resurfaced in a big way, combined with the addition of elegant and modern frameless shower doors. Together, the luxury of the gold finish and the sleek contemporary look of frameless glass doors have created a unique, modern look that can transform an ordinary bathroom, adding style and value to your home.

The gold tones combined with professionally cut frameless glass shower doors can increase a bathroom's aesthetic beauty. Gold tones are used not just in hardware finishes but in paint, tile, and other elements in the bathroom that easily tie in with the sleek and modern design of the frameless glass shower door. Unlike the gold tones used in the past, there’s a more modern approach, using accents of brushed gold, which has a richer and more subtle finish compared to brass or shiny gold that was used in bathroom trends of the past.

Why Brushed Gold Equals Luxury 

These days, a bathroom is more than just a functional space. Now, bathrooms have been turned into sanctuaries that focus on rejuvenation and relaxation. Because of this, more homeowners are investing in bathroom design, seeking unique ways to transform an otherwise outdated space into a luxurious and soothing environment. The use of brushed gold accents is one of the more popular trends to surface in recent years. With the subtle and rich finish of the brushed gold, when combined with a modern frameless shower glass door, the look is nothing short of elegant. Unlike brass or bright gold fixtures of the past, brushed gold offers a more subtle design choice that allows it to seamlessly blend in with a wide range of colors and bathroom styles. 

Brushed gold is also very versatile. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional look or a modern minimalist style, brushed gold has the ability to add a touch of luxury, blending well with a wide range of design aesthetics and creating a visually appealing contrast with other elements in the bathroom, such as tile and marble. This contrast adds more character and depth to the bathroom for a look that’s luxurious, at a price that’s affordable.

White and Gold Tones 

For those looking for a style that’s both modern and elegant, a white bathroom with brushed gold tones can create a contemporary look that’s subtle and elegant. Combined with a frameless glass shower door, homeowners can add brushed gold hardware in the shower, replace the faucet, and even choose a gilded bathroom vanity that creates a timeless look that will add style and class to any guest or master bathroom. This striking combination adds a modern touch with traditional aesthetics, providing a striking and simple way to elevate any bathroom space.

Black and Gold Tones

Black and gold bathrooms offer a creative, sophisticated look that’s both classic and luxurious. The combination of black and gold has remained in style over the years because it’s a combination that’s masculine, elegant, and classic. When combined with a frameless glass shower enclosure, the modern, monochromatic design can create a unique space that’s luxurious and dramatic. Whether you want to completely remodel your bathroom or simply add color and elements that can modernize outdated decor, black and gold can bring a room together with classic beauty and timeless style.

Marble and Gold Tones 

Most marble consists of white with accents of gray, which is why many different colors work well as accents. However, gold is a color that works perfectly for contemporary bathrooms, especially when paired with a frameless shower door. A frameless shower door features a sleek design with clean lines. When used with a gold and marble aesthetic, the room transforms into a luxurious space that has a spa-like feel.  The addition of a frameless shower door further enhances the minimalist design, creating a unique, open space that will quickly become any homeowner’s personal oasis.

Pink and Gold Tones 

The combination of pink and gold is timeless, making it an excellent choice for bathroom design and homeowners who want a relaxing bathroom environment. When combined with a brushed gold tone, the look can feel both romantic and modern. Gold also adds more shine to the space, for a contemporary look that will make a frameless glass shower door its luxurious focal point. Additionally, both gold and pink are very versatile, so you can periodically freshen the space by adding other accent colors including black, lavender, and gray.

Whether you want to achieve vintage glam, modern glam, or art deco, incorporating gold tones with pink can create a unique bathroom with sophistication and elegance.  

Dark Green and Gold Tones 

Darker shades combined with gold accents can create a unique bathroom space that's modern and calming. The combination of gold tones with dark green works well for every style and taste from traditional to modern.

A nature-inspired green is also a rich and versatile color that can be used anywhere from floor tile and the backsplash to wall paint. It pairs well with brushed gold for a subtle touch of luxury that’s elegant and modern. Additionally, you can add other colors, such as neutrals, or different shades of blues to create more depth and contrast for a modern, soothing bathroom space that can instantly increase the value of your home.

How Lighting Can Enhance Gold Tones 

Choosing the right lighting for your bathroom can instantly transform it, making it feel more open, inviting, and spacious. Some homeowners don’t consider just how much lighting can impact the look and feel of a room. In bathrooms, when paired with brushed gold, the right type of lighting can create a soothing, luxurious environment that also enhances the gold tones used throughout the space. In this type of bathroom setting, dimmers can be the perfect addition, allowing you to adjust the light for relaxing ambient lighting that will cause the gold accents in your bathroom to stand out. The light in your bathroom shouldn’t just brighten the space, it should also help you transition from day to night. Vanity lights with warm tones or a back-lit mirror can also create a perfect environment, providing the light you need while enhancing the brushed gold tones of the hardware throughout your bathroom.

Creating a Brightly Lit Bathroom to Show Off Gold Accents 

Warm lights can be both soothing and inviting, while any type of light that mimics natural sunlight can be flattering and uplifting, creating a brightly lit space that makes it more inviting, while providing the right amount of light you and your family need while grooming. A brightly lit bathroom can also make your brushed gold fixtures and other elements stand out, creating a more contemporary look and feel. When choosing the lighting elements in your bathroom, look for lights that are adjustable and make sure all lights that are used are at the same color temperature.

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Gold tones were commonly used in bathroom design styles in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but the trend has resurfaced in a big way, combined with the addition of elegant and modern frameless shower doors. Together, the luxury of the gold finish and the sleek contemporary look of frameless glass doors have created a […]