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We are experts in Custom Mirrors

Transform your bathroom by just replacing your mirrors

When it comes to mirrors we have you covered. We offer a wide variety of mirror products. from floating mirrors to full-sized mirrors. Full-sized wall mirrors are the hottest trend around right now for mirrors. If you are looking for mirrors for a home gym or just a standard bathroom mirror we have those as well.

Let us help you design and create your new custom mirrors. Get a quick mirror estimate by texting us at (682) 688-8815. We proudly serve the Hurst & Fort Worth Area.

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full wall mirror

Versatile Full-Wall Mirrors

Our Full-Wall Mirrors are designed to meet the diverse needs of various business environments, including gyms, martial arts studios, and other professional spaces. These expansive mirrors cover entire walls, providing a comprehensive view that is essential for fitness and martial arts training. The large reflective surface allows for the observation of movements and techniques, making them an invaluable tool for instructors and participants alike. Crafted with durability in mind, these mirrors can withstand the rigorous use often encountered in active environments. Their sleek, frameless design not only adds a sense of openness and increased space to any room but also blends seamlessly with different interior decor styles. Whether it's for enhancing workouts, refining martial arts skills, or adding a functional decorative element to your business space, our Full-Wall Mirrors are an excellent choice. Their practicality and aesthetic appeal make them a must-have for any establishment focused on physical activity, training, or customer engagement.

display mirror

Display Mirror

Our Display Mirror is designed to enhance the look and functionality of various spaces, including shelving units, bar backsplashes, and showcase displays. This mirror is perfect for increasing the visibility and appeal of displayed items. Its reflective surface adds depth to the area and showcases merchandise, bottles, or decorative objects more attractively. With a sleek and adaptable design, it fits seamlessly into a range of decor styles, from modern to classic. Made from high-quality materials, the mirror is durable and maintains a clear, unblemished reflection. It's an excellent choice for retail displays, adding sophistication to home bars, or improving the look of shelf arrangements. Practical and stylish, this Display Mirror is popular among business owners, interior decorators, and homeowners who seek both functionality and aesthetic enhancement in their spaces.

waredrobe mirror

Wardrobe Mirror

Our Wardrobe Mirror is specially crafted to add both style and utility to your personal dressing area. This mirror is an essential addition to any wardrobe, providing a full-length view that is crucial for outfit selection and dressing. Its sleek, contemporary design not only complements the aesthetics of your bedroom or walk-in closet but also creates an illusion of more space, making your dressing area appear larger and more inviting. The mirror is designed to integrate seamlessly with various types of wardrobes and interior styles, from ultra-modern to classically elegant. Built with durability in mind, it withstands daily use while maintaining a flawless reflection. Whether you're getting ready for work, a special event, or simply choosing your daily attire, this Wardrobe Mirror is the perfect companion, ensuring that you look your best while adding a touch of sophistication to your personal space. It's an ideal choice for those who value both function and fashion in their living environments.

custom master bathroom mirror with tv

Customizable Master Bath Mirror

Our Luxury Customizable Master Bath Mirror is designed to transform your bathroom into a personal oasis of relaxation and sophistication. Tailored to fit the unique dimensions and style of your space, this mirror comes with options for custom cut-outs, accommodating luxurious spa features and integrated TVs. The full-length design provides a comprehensive view, enhancing your daily grooming experiences. Its modern, elegant appearance not only elevates the ambiance of your master bathroom but also seamlessly blends with various interior designs. The integration of spa elements and entertainment technology like TVs within the mirror creates a unique, spa-like experience, allowing you to unwind and indulge in comfort. Made with high-quality, durable materials, this mirror ensures longevity and a pristine reflection. It's perfect for those seeking to add a touch of luxury to their master bathroom, combining practicality with unparalleled relaxation and entertainment features. This mirror is not just an addition to your bathroom; it's an upgrade to your lifestyle.

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His & Hers' and 'Jack & Jill' Mirrors"

'His & Hers' and 'Jack & Jill' Mirrors are thoughtfully designed to bring harmony and convenience to shared bathroom spaces. Whether it's for a couple or a shared family bathroom, these mirrors cater to the needs of multiple users simultaneously. Each mirror set includes two symmetrically aligned mirrors, offering personal space for grooming and daily routines while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic. The design is versatile, fitting beautifully into both intimate master bathrooms and lively family settings. These mirrors are not only practical but also add a touch of elegance to the bathroom decor. Their sleek, modern look enhances the overall ambiance, creating a space that is both functional and stylish. Constructed with high-quality materials, they promise durability and a lasting clear reflection. Perfect for couples or siblings sharing a bathroom, these mirrors provide a personalized touch while keeping the space organized and efficient. Their dual functionality and aesthetic appeal make them an ideal choice for anyone looking to enhance a shared bathroom with a blend of style and practicality.

custom frame wrapped mirror

Custom Frame-Wrapped Mirrors

Our Custom Frame-Wrapped Mirrors are the perfect solution for those looking to create a cohesive and stylish bathroom space. These mirrors come with frames that can be customized to match the color and finish of your existing bathroom accessories, be it brushed nickel, matte black, or gold. This level of customization ensures a harmonious look in your bathroom, tying together elements like faucets, towel racks, and light fixtures with the mirror for a seamless aesthetic. The versatility in color choices allows for integration into a variety of decor themes, from modern minimalist to classic elegance. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these mirrors are crafted for durability and clarity, providing a flawless reflection ideal for daily grooming routines. The frame-wrapped design not only adds a touch of sophistication but also protects the edges of the mirror, enhancing its longevity. Ideal for bathroom renovations or updates, our Custom Frame-Wrapped Mirrors offer both beauty and functionality, making them a popular choice for those seeking to elevate their bathroom's design in a cohesive and elegant manner.

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Custom Bathroom Mirror Installation

The right mirrors can brighten and lighten your home, while making smaller spaces, such as your bathroom, appear larger and more open. Custom bathroom mirrors are especially important when it comes to a person’s daily routine, which is why choosing a high-quality custom mirror is crucial. At Wise Glass, we have extensive experience installing mirrors in cramped and tricky spaces and can take on any custom design challenges.

Custom mirrors can make your bathroom vanity pop. You can choose unique and creative shapes to add a special touch to your space and bring more natural light into the bathroom. Whether you want a beveled edge mirror, contemporary mirror, or another type of unique decorative mirror, at Wise Glass, we offer many design and decor options and can create a custom cut mirror that can instantly transform your bathroom.

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Upgrade Your Bathroom Vanity

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be boring. A custom bathroom vanity mirror can instantly upgrade your space, brighten the room, make it appear larger, and showcase your unique taste. At Wise Glass, our goal is to help you instantly transform your dated bathroom vanity with an affordable mirror makeover.

Many people don’t even consider buying a custom vanity mirror or how one can instantly transform their vanity, at a price that’s affordable, as opposed to replacing the entire vanity. At Wise Glass, we can help you choose a new mirror shape and size that will complement your bathroom, and breathe new life into your vanity. Our expert workmanship, extensive experience with mirror fabrication and design, allow us to create the perfect mirror for your home.


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