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Shower Enclosure Vs. Bathtubs: Top 4 Things To Consider

August 19, 2022

By Kevin Wisecarver

Let’s be honest; a bathroom remodel can be exciting. The fulfillment from the finished job, the rush from purchasing new exceptional products, and the joy of bringing your dream bathroom to life make the money you would spend worth it.

But it can easily get overwhelming. Human beings do not like changes, and we must make many changes and decisions during a bathroom renovation. Do we want to change the walls? What about accessories? Should we get a linen closet? This can become confusing quickly.

One of the decisions you might have to make is deciding whether you want a bathtub or a walk-in shower enclosure. You probably already had one of these, but a bathroom upgrade is not complete without an affordable shower conversion. But deciding whether to do a tub-shower combo or vice-versa is not easy.

To help you make your decision easier, we will show you a few things to consider when deciding. We will also show you the pros and cons to know what you are getting into.

Who Is Using The Bathroom

This is the first thing to consider. You have to consider the needs of the person using the bathroom. Let’s give a few examples.

If the bathroom is for you, then it is up to you. Do you like showers or baths? If you prefer showers, then a shower enclosure is the best option. Shower enclosures are also the best options for guest bathrooms. Since they are just visiting, they might not have time for languorous baths. A bathtub for guests won’t be a very good idea unless they have children.

If more than one person is sharing a bathroom, a textured glass shower enclosure will give them more privacy than a bathtub.

A curbless walk-in shower is also the best option for seniors or people with mobility impairments. This group would find it difficult to step in and out of a bathtub daily. A shower enclosure would be easier for them to navigate.

It seems like showers are the best idea, and in most scenarios, they are. They offer versatility, save time, and are quite pocket-friendly. The bathroom is meant to be used, and the upgrade should make its usage easier.

Do You Have Enough Space?

Another important factor to consider is the bathroom layout. How big is your bathroom? You would not want to get an upgrade that leaves your bathroom looking clunky and tight. On the other hand, the shower is the bathroom’s focal point. You do not want to get an upgrade so small that it throws off the balance of the bathroom.

The truth is that most bathrooms aren’t that big. However, we know that sizes vary. If you have a big enough bathroom, you can go for bathtubs because they take up more space. A glass shower enclosure won’t take up as much, and there are different options perfect for maximizing space. An example is the Neo Angle shower enclosure.

This does not mean there aren’t shower options for large bathrooms. In fact, there are several options for an extra-large shower. Extra-large, curbless showers are a great option for elderly people because they let them in without the risk of tripping.

However, you can go for the tub and shower combo if you have enough space. This is a little tricky to pull off, so ensure you get expert advice before doing it.

What Is There Already?

Your bathroom already had a shower or bath installation. So look at what you have already. Is it a bathtub or a shower enclosure? Why do you want to change it?

After looking at the layout of your bathroom, you might discover that changing from one option to the other might not be practical. It would be more difficult to change a shower glass to a bathtub than to change a bathtub to a shower. So, if you are undergoing a bathroom renovation, the best idea would be to get new shower enclosures.

Consult with an expert to see how feasible the option you want is. In most cases, it might be best to maintain the option you already had installed.

Cost Of Installation, Usage, And Maintenance

Although it is last on our list, it is one of the most important factors to consider when making an upgrade. How much would it cost to install, use, and maintain a bathtub and a shower enclosure? Let us break it down and look at them one by one.

Cost of Installation

Different factors are in play when we discuss the cost of installing a bathtub or a shower enclosure. However, installing bathtubs is generally more expensive than installing shower enclosures, especially if you are trying to upgrade from one to the other.

The price will vary depending on the type of tub or enclosure you want. And if you are going for custom bathroom renovations, be ready to spend more money.

A custom shower enclosure would be more expensive than the one you bought from the store because you get to choose the enclosure style and size. The same goes for customized tubs. The advantage of custom bathroom options more than makes up for the price. However, there are affordable shower and tub options to choose from.

You should also budget the cost of bathroom installation services. Prices might vary, but it usually is more expensive to convert a shower to a tub.

Cost of Usage

The cost of usage usually boils down to one thing; how much water are you using? Showers use significantly less amount of water than bathtubs do. For example, if you were to take a 10 minute shower with a low-flow showerhead, you would have just used 21 gallons of water, while a tub might use up to 80 gallons.

If you were using a shower enclosure and decide to upgrade to a bathtub, you might need to get an upgrade for other appliances because of the increase in water usage.

Cost of Maintenance

How are you going to maintain the shower? Cleaning a tub is more laborious than a shower enclosure. Shower enclosures are also usually built with materials that foster easy maintenance.

However, these two shower options require regular maintenance. Pay attention to your schedule and ensure that whichever you choose, you have the time and the facilities for a daily shower cleanup.

What Are the Pros And Cons of a Shower Enclosure and A Bathtub?

When it comes to choosing between a shower enclosure and a bathtub, there are a few pros and cons to consider.

Pros of Getting A Shower Enclosure

  • You save money on water usage
  • It is easier to use and convenient for people with mobility issues.
  • Saves you a lot of space, and you can easily fit in more high-end features for a luxurious and elegant feel.
  • A wide variety of styles to choose from. Nothing says luxury bathroom like a custom-built shower.

Cons of Getting A Shower Enclosure

  • It is not the best option if you have children, especially little kids.
  • They require regular maintenance, or they would lose their aesthetic appeal.

Pros Of Getting A Bathtub

  • Great for relaxing after a long day.
  • A better option for families with kids.

Cons Of Getting A Bathtub

  • It isn’t suitable for older people or those with mobility issues.
  • Takes up a lot of space, and each bath uses a lot of water.
  • Takes more time to use.

Final Words: Which Should You Choose?

The answer isn’t that simple, and it is really up to you. Apart from the factors we have already mentioned, there are other things to consider during a bathroom makeover, like the appearance and resale value of the shower option you choose. Each has its advantages. You can enjoy maximized space and convenience with showers or relax with tubs after a hard day at work. It’s also a great idea to have a tub in your bathroom for resale value.

However, in the end, the decision is up to you. Look at the factors in this article and decide which option would be better for you. Do you want the elegance of a custom glass shower enclosure or the resale value of a bathtub? If you find it hard to determine, contacting a trusted expert might help. They will explore design inspiration with you and guide you toward making the right decision.

Or, if you are willing to splurge and have the space for it, you could get a shower-tub combo. This option will satisfy your needs, and the finished product will be an elegant, luxurious, and more functional bath space.

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Shower Enclosure Vs. Bathtubs: Top 4 Things To Consider

Let’s be honest; a bathroom remodel can be exciting. The fulfillment from the finished job, the rush from purchasing new exceptional products, and the joy of bringing your dream bathroom to life make the money you would spend worth it. But it can easily get overwhelming. Human beings do not like changes, and we must […]